The dilemma of knowing too much.

Human beings posses the virtue of intellect or at least choose to believe so. Every action we perform among the countless others is decided by our skill, which is an extension of our comprehensive understanding of task in undertaking. Though we had the collective wisdom to choose a democratic politics where every unique one of us is given equal status it is seldom realised in practice. Each individual in society is different, better and worse than other in one matter or another. However, there is unanimous belief that some among us are just far better than rest in most matters of importance. While others are too pathetic in every aspect that other than their gift of common anatomy they would certainly not be included in the same class as other people in society. Here I will take a moment to emphasise that there is no generalisation about how and when such a fool will descend. Unlike a wise sage who is always agreed to achieve their status by hard work fools are more easily categorised among men owing to their color, gender, family status and income. But I refrain from attempt to make any such proclamation which leads the foundation of my article. This article is my attempt to understand the hokum of being a knowledgeable person. I, myself began with the proposition that I know too much and thus have the authority and responsibility to share my ideas. Yet, reflection in few sentences made me realise my limitation as I express that I can not categorise people without weighing their characteristic in person.

I do however take relief in the reality that I am not he only one who believes himself to be gem of perfect shape reflecting the all the knowledgeable light of universe.